Welcome to the Cakemoon ecosystem, a token thought for the long term, with many unique features

Hold and win Cake

Designed to reward long term holders with a passive income in Cake tokens.


Amazing Features

Features of our Token

United Community

Our telegram community supports and encourages holding.


With zero calls, our team will deliver good and longlasting marketing to always keep your bag pumped.

Smart Tokenomics

The token has an intelligent distribution of tokens, which rewards holders with cake.

Locked Liquidity

Locked for a month with option to increase it

Rewards in Cake

In each purchase and sale that is made, rewards will be given to the holders

Marketing Wallet

Each purchase and sale will go to a wallet to pay for marketing or improvements for any service that is required.

No whales

Max tx 5000 tokens (0.50% supply).

Max wallet 10,000 tokens (1% supply)

Our Roadmap

know the way

Phase 1

The Beginning

Phase 2

The Recognition

Phase 3

The Reviralization

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